Lenny Hochberg

Meet Lenny Hochberg, a lawyer in Toronto. He has represented thousands of people in both criminal court, civil court and before various tribunals and boards.

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Lenny grew up in Toronto. His education is from Canadian Universities and Law Schools. He owns and operates various public events in Ontario such as Bobcaygeon Bikefest. In 1992, while travelling in a foreign country he was falsely accused of unlawful conduct. Lenny was incarcerated in a middle eastern jail. It was miserable. He represented himself and was fully exonerated just in time to catch his plane back to Canada. As a result of this experience he wanted to become a legal advocate to help people in sticky situations. Lenny attended University and Law School in Canada. He set up his practice in Toronto, but represents people all over Canada. In the past 25 years Lenny Hochberg has represented people advocating for Human Rights, Charter Rights, Gender Equality, Biker Rights, the rights of the business owner the insured and the imprisoned.


  • York University
  • University of Western Ontario
  • Annual Continuing Legal


Lenny Hochberg has been involved in Multi-Million Dollar civil claims and major criminal investigations. Google him to find out more.

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